I welcome applications from prospective PhD students on subjects linked to my research interests. At IDS all such applications are assessed by a committee, and students are generally supervised jointly.

Most of these theses are available free to download through the British Library, EThOS site here: http://ethos.bl.uk/Home.do, although you have to register. Current and past PhD students are listed below:


Graduated from IDS/University of Sussex:

Frank Matose – Local people and reserved forests in Zimbabwe : what prospects for co-management? (IDRC funded, 2000)

William Wolmer – Lowveld landscapes : conservation, development and the wilderness vision in south-eastern Zimbabwe (ESRC funded, 2001)

Simon Milligan – Searching for symbiosis : pastoralist-farmer relations in North-east Nigeria (ESRC funded, 2002)

Iokine Rodriguez – The transformative role of conflicts beyond conflict management in national parks : a case study of Canaima National Park, Venezuela (Venezualan government funded, 2003)

Gian Paulo Chiari – Land tenure and livelihood security in Tigray, Ethiopia (Self-funded, 2003)

Gilles Kleitz – Ruling by Nature: Biodiversity project implementation, Zimbabwe (French government funded, 2003)

Dominic Glover – The role of the private sector in modern biotechnology and rural development: the case of the Monsanto smallholder programme (ESRC funded, 2007)

Elizabeth Fortin – Arenas of contestation: policy processes and land tenure reform in post-apartheid South Africa (ESRC-funded, 2007)

Sally Brooks – Global science, public goods? Tracing international science policy processes in rice biofortification (ESRC-funded, 2007)

Josphat Mushongah – Rethinking Vulnerability: Livelihood Change in Southern Zimbabwe, 1986-2006 (Self-funded, 2009).

Stephen Greenberg – Seeing through land reform: contesting space and power in Vhembe district, Limpopo, South Africa (ESRC funded, 2010)

Paul Forster – Is H5N1 a modernization risk? A multi-sited study of responses to the threats of avian and human pandemic influenza (ESRC funded, STEPS scholarship, 2011)

Rana Ghose – Regulating GMOs in India: Pragmatism, Politics, Representation, and Risk (IDRC funded, 2011)

Nalan Yuksel – A Green Revolution for Africa? A socio-technical analysis of input-supply schemes for small-holder agriculture in Siaya District, Kenya (self-funded)

Mateo Mier Y Teran – From landscapes to stock markets. The political ecology of soybean farming systems in Mato Grosso, Brazil (Mexican government funded)

Stephen Whitfield – Climate change and agriculture in Kenya (ESRC funded)

Matteo Caravani – Livelihood change in Karamoja, Uganda (Italian government funded)

Lidia Cabral – Brazilian engagement in African agriculture (ESRC project funded)

Andrew Hook – Small-scale mining in Guyana (ESRC funded)

Mathilde Gingembre – Land grabs in Madagascar (ESRC funded)

Alex Tasker – Pastoral innovation in East Africa (ESRC funded)

Syed Abbas – One Health in India (Commonwealth funded)

Graduated from other universities:

Thembela Kepe – Local valuation of grasslands, South Africa (PLAAS, University of the Western Cape, South Africa, 2003)

Eyasu Elias – Nutrient cycling and soil fertility management, Ethiopia (UEA, 2001)


Gerardo Torres – Wind power and green transformations in Mexico (Mexican government funded)

Tapiwa Chatikobo – Livestock and land reform in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe (PLAAS/UWC, with Ben Cousins).

Renee Chantrill – The political economy of sugar value chains: the case of Malawi (Global Studies, Sussex, self-funded)

Linda Pappagallo – Absentee herders and class dynamics in southern Tunisia (ESRC funding)

Masresha Taye – Livestock insurance and pastoral livelihoods in southern Ethiopia (supported by ILRI and IDS/PASTRES)

Natasha Maru – Mobility and pastoralism in western India (self-funding, with IDS/PASTRES support for fees)

Palden Tsereng – Institutions and hybrid land governance in pastoral areas of Amdo Tibet (PASTRES ERC Advanced Grant funding)

Tahira Shariff – Moral economy and pastoral responses to risk and uncertainty in Isiolo, Kenya (PASTRES ERC Advanced Grant funding).

Giulia Simula – Market networks and pastoral livelihods in Sardinia (PASTRES ERC Advanced Grant funding).

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